Home Inspection Services



A comprehensive visual inspection of all the components contained within a home, including ihe interior and exterior elements.



Assessing the integrity of the roof and exterior openings in the event of a hurricane, strong wind storm, and signs of water intrusion.



Typically used on older homes to determine whether or not any of the four most common elements of a home have worn out over time.

Don’t let little things become big things. 

When inspecting this home, I recommended to the owner that the debris on this roof should be removed.

Debris left on a roof retains moisture. All homes are built to deflect moisture in an effort to prevent damage to the structure.

When doing an inspection, remember that I work for you.


As my client, I will earn your trust by completing a thorough inspection of the home. Sometimes, noticing something small can prevent a larger problem down the road.

  • Honesty and hard work should be the corner stone of any successful business. Put your trust in our home inspection services and put your worries aside.

  • The cost for a home inspection is based on the square footage of the home. There is no additional fee to inspect a pool or deck.

  • If you elect to have a wind mitigation inspection in conjunction with a home inspection, I will reduce the price for this additional service.

  • If you elect to have a four-point inspection in conjunction with a home inspection the price for this service will also be reduced.


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